Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Decorate your Restaurant with the mirror

Mirror is always a good idea for any interior. And the restaurant or cafe interior is not an exception. We, at Antique mirrors NYC are ready to help you!
You can place the mirror in different ways and in different places, even on the ceiling! You can use big mirrors and small tiles, round pieces or rectangular, regular mirror or antique.
When decorating restaurants, you want to create a conducive environment for dining. You want the ambiance to be welcoming, comfortable, and inviting. Aside from installing light fixtures, wall art, and other decorative items, you should also use mirrors. As diners come in to the restaurant, you want them to see an expansive space where they won’t feel closed-in with other customers while eating.
Antique Mirror Ceiling
If you’re styling a small restaurant, don’t be afraid to use large mirrors to create the illusion of space. Have a floor-to-ceiling mirror on a far wall to make the restaurant look larger visually. When customers come in, the mirror will get their attention and see the whole length of the restaurant, giving them the idea that the place is spacious. A mirrored wall reflects a great area of your establishment, doubling its size.

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