Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Antique mirror for your Home

If you not sure what to do with the antique mirror or where can you use it in your home - we are here to help you!
Our company offers a lot of antique mirror finishes which you’ll definitely like. The range of antique mirror options gives the opportunity to combine it with regular glass or mirror. The distressed mirror can be used in any interior, modern or contemporary, minimalist or industrial.
As the antique mirror is custom made, we can provide you with the large panels of it and also can make small mirror tiles if needed. We are offering the regular and custom shapes as well.
Antique mirror combined with regular mirror
Huge variety of the hardware, allows you to choose thin metal trim or mirror clips, which are available in different finishes. The antique mirror rosettes will also add some decoration elements to your mirror.
Where can you put this mirror? Our answer is - anywhere! You can use it in your bathroom, combining it with the regular mirror; it will have a nice view in your living room, being installed on the wall; you can enrich your kitchen, by using it as a backsplash.

For more information and more ideas - contact our managers. We are always happy to assist you!