Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Antique Mirror - New Word in your Interior

Antique mirror tiles
Do you want to see something unusual? We have a great variant for you - Custom made Antique mirrors!
If you want to maintain that historic feel, or are designing a brand new home with the goal of achieving an old-fashioned ambiance, installing an antique mirror can add a luxurious touch to any room. Each mirror is gently aged to fit your specific needs.
Antique mirrors NYC offers you different finishes of handmade mirrors which will be a perfect addition to your home space and not only for home. Antique mirrors are widely used as a decorative wall panels, tiles, in the restaurants, galleries, cafes, hotels, etc.

French Antique Mirror
As the antique mirror is custom made, you can choose any glass thickness you need: from ⅛” up to ¾”.
Our company is creating and designing custom antique mirror looks, and is happy to install one to your exact specifications in your home.

Every piece of mirror which we are offering - is unique, as it is custom made and has a natural and artistic finish.

Do not hesitate to contact our managers to get the information regarding the antique mirrors